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Thursday, September 15, 2005

What was I thinking?

When I did my recent posts, I suddenly realized that in my haste to take off to Iowa in June, I neglected to finish the Japan trip photos. I had left off our wonderful visit to Yokosuka. Chihiro and I have been e-penpals for 7 years and we had not met until this May. We stayed at a magnificent hotel right on the water where we could see the ships entering Tokyo Bay. One day Chihiro and Osama took us on a driving tour to a Temple and to the aquarium. They also took us to the train in Yokohama so we could get to Narita airport. What a great ending to a really special trip.

Chihiro, Shoma and the hostess at the restaurant Posted by Picasa

Fishing boat off of Yokosuka Posted by Picasa

Osama, Chihiro, Shoma with the McIntyres Posted by Picasa

JM and his buddy Shoma at Chihiro's apartment Posted by Picasa

Tribal shield of the Suoma tribe, made for a swap.  Posted by Picasa

Visual journal page about the flood Posted by Picasa

New Orleans

I have been so sad about what happened to and in New Orleans. The last time that I was there I stayed near the Superdome and walked all the way to the River Walk one day. I also rode the trolley through the St. Charles District. I can't seem to find the photos that I made on that trip, but I am still looking for them.